if you have been put off by poor quality camping facilities in the past then maybe its time for us to rekindle your spirit of adventure. La Beduina prides itself on the standard of its camping arrangements, and are privileged to have special camping permits for spectacular wilderness areas. We provide all services and supplies, including large Bedouin tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, carpets, water tanks, generators, even flushing toilets.We are famous for hosting Bedouin haflah’s (large B-B-Q parties) and can accommodate both individuals and groups, who will be well looked after by our fully-qualified, highly skilled staff.

Think about it: who better than the Bedouin to set up camp?! 

Experience all of this with us, safe in the knowledge that you will be helping to preserve and sustain our local communities - the guardians of Jordan’s historical and natural treasures. And this brings us on to some important reading…