Terms & Conditions

Terms of use

These Terms and Conditions of Use of La Beduina Tours Platform govern the access and use of Customers, as well as Travel Agencies that make La Beduina Tours itineraries available to third parties.

By accessing and making use of the La Beduina Tours Platform, Users ("Client or Agency") accept and agree to the rules of this document and its Privacy Policy.


    1. When Users access or use the Platform, La Beduina Tours may collect certain data, including information provided by you, navigational data, and history of interactions with the Platform.
    2. The information that LABEDUINA TOURS may collect from Customers includes:
      1. Individual Travel;
      2. Group Travel
    3. Incentive Travel itineraries are also offered by La Beduina Tours Platform for companies that intend to give gifts to their employees and partners.


    1. We are not responsible for the veracity of the information provided by Customers or for its outdatedness, when it is your responsibility to provide it accurately or update it.


    1.  Users have the following payment options on La Beduina Tours Platform
      1. In cash (bank transfer to our bank account)
      2. credit card
    2. The prices presented in banners, brochures and other advertising pieces on La Beduina Tours Platform may change without prior notice, as in the case of exchange rate variation, and are only valid for purchases completed at the time of their display
    3. The prices presented in the brochures, banners, and other advertising pieces on La Beduina Tours Platform in foreign currency will be converted into national currency, with an indication of the date and time of the conversion. At the time of quotation and/or acquisition by the User, there may be a discrepancy in the values presented without this implying any right or guarantee of the values previously presented or received by the User or in the duty of prior communication of changes in conditions by La Beduina Tours.
    4. The mere inclusion of the itineraries as Orders on La Beduina Tours Platform or the display of prices and information through La Beduina Tours channels does not imply their reservation by the Customer, and does not guarantee any rights in relation to availability, conditions and price. Only orders actually placed and paid for will be considered as a reserve and any subsequent price changes will not apply.
    5. Purchases made with cash payment may receive a discount automatically, at the sole discretion of La Beduina Tours.
    6. Orders that are paid for by credit card are subject to the approval of the card issuer and other fraud verification devices. The confirmation period is considered from the verification of the registration data and the confirmation of the payment, which can be carried out within 2 (two) business days. If any difference in information is noticed with the registered data, La Beduina Tours may contact the User and inform the existing pendency.
    7. The Client may exercise his/her right of withdrawal, as well as request the cancellation of the purchased itinerary(s), within 07 (seven) business days from the confirmation of payment, and the application of compensatory fees and penalties is applicable according to the current Cancellation Policy.


    1. In order to access  La Beduina Tours Platform securely and use its functionalities to its full extent, it is the sole responsibility of Users to have compatible devices and equipment, Internet connection service with antivirus and firewall enabled, properly updated software – such as certain browser plug-ins and add-ons – in addition to the adoption of minimum security measures, which includes:  But it is not limited to the use of access blocking mechanism and passwords.
    2. La Beduina Tours Platform  and its functionalities are presented to Users in the form they are available, and may undergo constant improvements and updates, and La Beduina Tours  undertakes to: (i) display the functionalities in a clear, complete, precise and sufficient manner so that there is an accurate perception of the operations performed; and (ii) employ the necessary resources, always considering the state of the art available,  to preserve the privacy and security of the data entered into the functionalities offered on La Beduina Tours Platform.
    3.  La Beduina Tours provides its own document, called Privacy Policy, which regulates the treatment given to the information collected on La Beduina Tours Platform
    4.  La Beduina Tours strives for the continuous and permanent availability of La Beduina Tours Platform. However, there may be some temporary unavailability due to necessary maintenance or generated by force majeure, such as natural disasters, failures or collapses in the central communication and Internet access systems, or third-party events that are beyond its sphere of vigilance and responsibility.
    5. If this occurs, La Beduina Tours will do everything in its power to re-establish access  to the Queensberry Platform  as soon as possible, within the technical limitations of its services and third-party services, on which La Beduina Tours relies to get online.
    6. Any maintenance procedures will be informed through La Beduina Tours  official communication channels (such as, but not limited to, official social media profiles), in case it is necessary for it to be unavailable for long periods.
    7. Users  undertake to adopt ethical and respectful behavior when using the La Beduina Tours Platform which includes:
      1. Not to access the programming areas of  La Beduina Tours Platform, its database or any other set of information that is part of the development activity;
      2. Not to reverse engineer, translate, decompile, copy, modify, reproduce, rent, sublicense, publish, disclose, transmit, loan, distribute or otherwise use the tools of La Beduina Tours Platform and its features;
      3. Not to use techniques to mask, hide, alter or falsify your Internet Protocol (IP) address during your access or attempted access to La Beduina Tours Platform;
      4. Respect all intellectual property rights owned by La Beduina Tours , including all rights to third parties that may be, or have been, in any way available therein; and
      5. Only reproduce the contents available on La Beduina Tours Platform, in particular their brands and environment layout, if they have been expressly authorized by La Beduina Tours in this regard.
    8. Users  declare themselves aware that any removal, blocking or suspension  of any content or functionality of La Beduina Tours Platform, as a result of any complaint, shall always be understood as a demonstration of good faith and intention to amicable resolution of conflicts, never as an acknowledgment of guilt or any infringement by La Beduina Tours  of the right of a third party.
    1.  La Beduina Tours is not responsible for:
      1. For any problems, bugs, glitches or malfunctions that occur on Users' devices and equipment and are a direct or indirect result of the regular use of the La Beduina Tours Platform;
      2. For any direct or indirect damage caused by third-party events, such as, but not limited to, hacker attacks, system, server or internet connection failures, including software actions that may, in any way, damage physical or logical assets or the connection of Users as a result of accessing, using or browsing La Beduina Tours Platform, as well as the transfer of data, files, images, texts, audios or videos contained therein;
      3. By the navigation of Clients  and Agencies in  the external links made available on La Beduina Tours Platform, and it is their duty to read  the Terms and Conditions of Use  and the Privacy Policy of the resource accessed and to act as determined; and for verifying, controlling, approving or ensuring the adequacy or accuracy of the information or data made available in such links, they are therefore not responsible for losses or damages incurred by the visit to such sites, and it is up to the interested party to verify the reliability of the information and data displayed there before making any decision or performing any act.
    1. The tolerance of any non-compliance with any of the clauses and conditions of this instrument shall not constitute novation of the obligations stipulated herein nor shall it prevent or inhibit the enforceability thereof at any time.
    2. If any provision of this instrument is deemed inapplicable or ineffective, the remainder remains in force, without the need for a judicial measure declaring such assertion.